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Top 5 hostels

Hotel, hostel, bungalow, tent, apartment, guest house, villa, etecera... etecera...

Here is why these 5 hostels gave me the most memorable travel experience!

We have endless choices when it comes to finding accommodation abroad. Where do you usually stay? Do you prefer hotels or hostels? As for me, I usually book online and stay in a cheap but cozy hostel. Here is a list of my most memorable hostels.

Why are they the most memorable ones? Because I will keep them in my memory for a reason... a good or a bad reason.

Let the countdown begin:

5. The cheapest

Is it expensive to stay in a hostel with an amazing view? Not necessarily. Sometimes you are lucky and you find luxury for a good price.


In Giza, Egypt we found a room for 13 EUR (4,290 Ft) per night! The hostel was okay: the room was clean, the bed was comfortable, the balcony was huge and the view in the evening was marvelous!

- The breakfast was poor: just bread with jam and hot tea. It was not delicious.

Nyelvtani magyarázat rövid szavas melléknevek fokozása: old --> older --> the oldest nice --> nicer --> the nicest Hosszú szavas melléknevek fokozása: interesting --> more interesting --> the most interesting amazing --> more amazing --> the most amazing

4. The most unique

This hostel in Xian (the city of the Terracotta Army*) is older and more interesting. Check this video out:

The entrance door is bigger than a normal door. The threshold is higher than 25 cm. (It is because people think that high thresholds bring good luck).

The receptionist was more helpful and the guests were more talkative. It was Christmas day and the hostel organized a special Christmas evening for the guests: we made dumplings** together. That food was more delicious, yummy... :P

Kivételek: good --> better --> the best bad --> worse --> the worst

3. The worst

The hostel in Tsim-Sha-Tsui, Hong Kong was not simply bad. It was worse than you could imagine. It was the worst accommodation experience ever!

I saw the most suspicious-looking guys at the entrance door. The receptionist was not friendly but rude. He was the rudest receptionist ever! The room was dirty, the stairs were dirtier, and the bathroom.... I don't want to talk about the bathroom.

Fortunately Hong Kong had much more to offer than a poor hostel. The city by night was breathtaking.

2. The most adventurous

Sleeping in the jungle? Yes! You must use a mosquito net to protect yourself from hungry mosquitoes. It is a safe baldachin bed, isn't it? :)

The place was not dangerous because wild animals (elephants, tapirs, silver cats, etc...) stayed outside. Still, a smaller animal, a gekko joined us and it was the loudest traveller in the room. We couldn't sleep because it was "singing". Klick here to listen to its funny noise.

1. The most abandoned

The place seemed abandoned in the middle of the jungle. Nobody was there. I just wanted to pose for a photo for fun when suddenly...

...a gigantic bat flew out of it!!! It scared me to death. That day not the gekko but I was the loudest animal in the jungle.

Which one did you like the best?

the cheapest one? the most unique one? the worst one? the most adventurous one? the most abandoned one?

Glossary accommodation - szállás when it comes to... - arra kerül sor, hogy... as for me - ami engem illet reason - ok, indok countdown - visszaszámlálás not necessarily - nem feltétlennül marvelous - bámulatos delicious - ízletes suspicious-looking guys - gyanús alakok breathtaking - lélegzetelállító mosquito - szúnyog useful - hasznos abandoned - elhagyatott for fun - viccből fly, flew, flown scare to death - halálra rémít *Terracotta Army - agyaghadsereg **dumplings - ezt én csak úgy hívom, hogy hússal, zöldséggel töltött csacsifül

Ne keverd össze! choose - választani choice - választás

Példamondatok When it comes to accommodation in Europe, I always book online. - Ha európai szállásról van szó, én mindig online foglalok. You can protect yourself from mosquitoes. - Megvédheted magad a szúnyogoktól. Which one? - Melyik? (=melyik valami, amiről szó van) Which one do you like the best? - Melyik tetszik a legjobban?

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