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Paradise on Earth

Sunshine, blue sky, crystal clear water...

Coron is really a paradise on Earth! I spent 3 weeks in The Philippines, and Coron was one of the most beautiful spots of all.

Coron is a tiny little island in South-East Asia. It is much smaller than Tolna County.

Coron: 689 km2

Tolna County: 3,703 km2

There is so much to tell about that fantastic trip to Coron but now I would like to tell you about my very last day...

Nyelvtani magyarázat: Létige múlt idő: am --> was are --> were is --> was Cselekvő igék múlt idő: -ed végződést kap

"The early bird catches the worm"

A lovely friend of mine and I wanted to climb Mount Tapyas to see the sunrise. That was our program for the morning.

11:00 PM: we went to bed and slept 4,5 hours 3:30 AM: we got up

4:00 AM: our typical local taxi arrived and took us to the hill

4:15 AM: we started to climb the hill

4:45 AM: we reached the top. We were exhausted because there were 720 concrete steps that led to the top. Mount Tapyas is 210 m high. It was a bad idea to wear flip-flops, right? :D

It was chilly, around +19 °C. We had some time to wait, then finally, shortly after 5 AM the sun rose. What a marvelous view it was! We took a lot of photos and enjoyed the amazing scenery.

Very soon the sun became so strong that I couldn't even keep my eyes open. Next time I should wear sunglasses, even if I leave at 4:00 AM.

We walked down the hill (again, it was a bad idea to wear flip-flops...), and walked back to the hostel on foot. It was just 9:30 AM and the temperature rose to 30 °C. The heat is crazy in tropical countries.

In the hostel we had breakfast, then made our way to the airport, and said goodbye to this beautiful island.

The End

Rendhagyó igék múlt idő: get --> got go --> went sleep --> slept take --> took have --> had lead --> led come --> came become --> became make --> made rise --> rose

Glossary: island (!) – sziget county - megye "the early bird catches the worm" - közmondás. "ki korán kel, aranyat lel" exhausted - kimerült scenery - látvány, táj even if... - még akkor is ha...

Kiejtés! Tudod hogy kell helyesen kiejteni, hogy "island"? Hallgasd meg --> itt<-- a hangszóróra kattintva.

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