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Hello Panda!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Do you think you know pandas? There are no other animals like pandas. Believe it or not, a giant panda could make your cat jealous. Check out my photos and videos that show how adorably unique animals they are.

If you like cats, you will surely love pandas!


--> because they are super cute (just like cats)

--> because they are crazily lazy

--> because they are absolutely funny (actually funnier than cats ;)


--> because they are exceptionally rare

All in all, pandas are undoubtedly cute, lazy, funny and rare. You don't want to believe me? Believe your own eyes! :)

Nyelvtani magyarázat: milyen? adorable - imádnivaló crazy - őrült exceptional - kivételes undoubted - vitathatatlan similar - hasonló Hogyan? Milyen módon? adorably - imádnivalóan crazily - őrülten exceptionally - kivételesen undoubtedly - vitathatatlanul similarly - hasonló módon


Many people say that pandas are cute. But which pandas do you mean? Giant pandas or red pandas? They have the same name but they are different animals.

Giant pandas are large and have black and white fur. Red pandas are relatively small, and similarly to raccoons they have a long tail.

Po is a giant panda, while Master Shifu is a red panda.

Nicsak, itt van két kivétel! fast - gyors fast - gyorsan hard - kemény hard - keményen


Pandas are not just simply lazy, they are crazily lazy! They sleep a lot during the day. As they video shows, they move only if it is lunchtime, haha. Seriously! First, they walk to the food slowly. Second, they sit down and start to smell the bamboo carefully.

Click on the video below:

Does it smell good? Oh yeah, apparently bamboo leaves have a nice smell. :)


Pandas are surprisingly funny.

Honestly, I believe that they have a very good sense of humor, and they do funny things just to entertain us.

Have a look at this super lazy giant panda: He is lying on the ground stuffing himself with bamboo leaves patiently. He also dares to pose for a photo.

Some others are creative and use food as a blanket:

This one wants to play hide and seek:

And finally: There is nothing better than having a nap after lunch. Is this position comfortable?


Unfortunately there aren't so many pandas in the world, and if we don't help them, they can go extinct like the dinosaurs. :(

Pandas are endangered species like many other animals, for example:

- rhino

- more kinds of tigers

- blue whale - Asian elephant

- orangutan

- sea turtle

(here you can find a list of critically endangered species)

Glossary raccoon - mosómedve sense of humour - humorérzék entertain - szórakoztatni go extinct - kihal dare to xxx - mer valamit csinálni endangered species - veszélyeztetett faj it is for sure = surely

Határozószavak relatively - aránylag similarly to raccoons - a mosómedvékhez hasonlóan patiently - türelmesen apparently - szemmel láthatóan, nyilvánvalóan surprisingly - meglepő módon

Példamondatok He dares to pose for a photo. - Van mersze pózolni a fotóhoz. Pandas are lazy just like cats. - A pandák lusták, akárcsak a macskák. I like to travel just like you. - Hozzád hasonlóan, én is szeretek utazni. Endangered species can go extinct like the dinosaurs. - A veszélyeztetett fajok kihalhatnak, mint a dinoszauruszok. Apparently bamboo leaves have a nice smell. - Úgy tűnik, hogy jó illata van a bambusznak.

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