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Arriving in Beijing

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Visiting China for the first time. The airport is full of surprises. Chocolate or duck feet? Beauty product or yogurt? Read my story...

What is the thing you do not expect when arriving in Beijing? I tell you: sunshine and blue sky. Beijing is a very polluted city, so it is often grey because of the smog. I was so happy to see blue sky!

My connecting flight leaves later. I have a few hours to kill the time at the airport. Well… What can we buy here? Let’s have a look around:

Nyelvtani magyarázat: There is… (egyes szám) There are… (többes szám) Van, abban az értelemben, hogy létezik, adódik, (ott) van.

Oh, there are some colourful snacks!

Are they candies...? Or chocolate...? OMG, no! They are something different! These are special Chinese snacks: duck tongue, duck heart, duck neck and duck gizzard, duck meat and duck feet. Wow. In Hungary you can’t buy such snacks because Hungarian people mostly eat crisps, chocolate and candies. Chinese don’t. They eat these weird snacks but they are actually very tasty. Later, duck feet became my favourite. :)

Oh, and look! There is a poster!

There is an elegant woman on the poster. There is a small jar in front of her, and there is some white stuff in the jar. What is that? Hm... I don’t know because I don’t understand the Chinese characters, and unfortunately there aren’t any English words on the poster. First, I think that it is some face cream, like L'Oreal, because the woman’s face is clean and beautiful, and actually it seems like a cosmetic jar. But hang on a minute! There is a spoon in her hand! So it can’t be a cosmetic product. We don’t use a spoon to eat cosmetic products. It must be food. Well, well now you see how important it is to know languages.

The moral of the story:

Don't buy any cheap “Chinese L’Oreal” because it can be just some expensive yogurt!

Példamondatok: egyes szám: There is an apple on the table – van egy alma az asztalon There is a book on the table – van egy könyv az asztalon There is a (pam-pam-pam) on the table – van egy (valami) az asztalon többes szám: There are some apples on the table – vannak almák az asztalon There are 16 students in the room – 16 diák van a teremben There are huge differences between Chinese and Hungarian culture – hatalmas különbségek vannak a kínai és a magyar kultura között

Glossary: polluted – szennyezett connecting flight – a csatlakozás (repülőgép) kill the time – elütni az időt tongue – nyelv gizzard – zúza weird – fura actually – tulajdonképpen mostly – leginkább, javarészt cosmetic jar – kozmetikai tégely

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