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A secret bar

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Modern times, plenty of freedom - welcome to the 21st century! Nowadays you have access to alcoholic beverages in most of the countries, although it was not the case in the 20th century. Have you ever heard of the prohibition?

The Prohibition

As for North-America, people were not allowed to drink alcohol in the early years of the 20th century. It was illegal.

Probably you know this hilarious scene from the movie Oscar:

Aldo: Here is the champagne, boss...

Elite bankers: ????

Franco Provolone: Aldo, I am shocked! Don't you know that liquor is against the law?!

Aldo: Oh, we just keep them in the house for "yacht christenings" ;)

Poker face Aldo was lying, of course. And he was not the only one. During the prohibition liquor was illegal but many people had drinks secretly. They visited hidden bars, so called "speakeasy bars" to have some champagne, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages.

In the USA prohibition ended in 1933.

It is 2020. The prohibition is over, liquor is not illegal any more, but you can still find hidden bars all over the world, for example in the USA and in Europe. They are not illegal bars but tourist attractions.

Tip: You can google "speakeasy bar". Maybe there is a hidden bar in your town behind your favourite pizzeria. ;)

As for me, that was the case in Strasbourg.

I went to a hidden bar

That was the case in Strasbourg. We went to a speakeasy bar with some of my friends.

You see an ordinary Italian pizzeria in an ordinary street. There is nothing special about it. Some people are eating pizza, some others are drinking soft drinks, the waiter is doing his job. You can't see anything mysterious.

friend 1: Guys, there is no secret bar here. It is just a pizzeria.

friend 2: But it is here. Google maps says that the secret bar is somewhere here. (Google knows everything, right? :D :D :D )

friend 3: Let's ask the waiter!

friend: Excuse me, is the secret bar here?

waiter: I don't know (mysterious smile)

friend: Where can we find it?

waiter: I don't know (mysterious smile)

friend: Do WE have to find it?

waiter: Yes, you do.

It took us some time, but finally we found the entrance door of the secret bar.

Nyelvtani magyarázat: you (te) = általános alany (a német "man" megfelelője) you can find - talál az ember, található you can see - lát az ember, látható you enter the room - belépünk a helyiségbe you have plenty of freedom - nagy szabadsága van az embernek you get a bill - adnak blokkot

You can find the secret bar in this Italian restaurant -->

You enter the pizzeria and walk through the room. On the left you see the toilette. On the right you see the kitchen. Don't enter the kitchen! You never know if angry cooks cook too curious guests for hungry guests, too. (just kidding)

You find a mirror in the middle. A coffee table stands under the mirror. If you want to move the table, you will find that it does not move! It is attached to the wall. What do you think? Why?

If you have a closer look at the wall, you will see that it is not an ordinary wall...

BINGO! that is the secret door ;)

Inside the secret bar

Inside the bar you can order drinks. It is a "modern secret bar" so you can also pay by credit card, you get a bill, and the bill includes the tax.

You can sit on the chairs on lie on the sofas. They are quite comfortable. On the walls you can see some really strange pictures. If you have a closer look at them, you come to the idea that people maybe didn't just drink in those secret bars...

The End

PS: If you are ever in Strasbourg, visit this speakeasy bar. More info

Glossary beverages = drinks it is the case - ez a helyzet, erről van szó prohibition - szesztilalom liquor - szeszes ital liquor is against the low = liquor is illegal yacht christening - hajóavatás secret bar = hidden bar = speakeasy bar - titkos kocsma as for me - ami engem illet tourist attraction - turistalátványosság an ordinary restaurant - egy tök átlagos étterem mysterious - titokzatos tax - adó

Egy szó, két jelentés! move - mozdulni move - mozdítani

Példamondatok It was not the case. - Nem így volt, nem ez a helyzet állt fenn. My teacher thinks I like English but it is not the case. - A tanárom azt hiszi szeretem az angolt, de ez nem így van. As for me, that was the case in Strasbourg. - (itt) Ami engem illet, pont ez történt Strasbourgban. As for the USA, prohibition ended in 1933. - Ami az USA-t illeti, 1993-ban ért véget a szesztilalom.

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